Welcome to the list of the best shock sites on the Internet.

Bored at work? Bored at home? Not bored at all? Who gives a shit. We have compiled the most famous shock videos and pictures list around, if you like sites like bluewaffle then you will love what we have to offer here. Want to fuck with your friends and family then give the links below a try and see what you can do. Don't forget to turn on the webcams and catch those shock site reactions ready for Youtube - top tip, mums make the best victims.

1. Special Fried Rice

IMAGE / SHOCK FACTOR 98.3% / www.specialfriedrice.net

Special Fried Rice is for men what Bluewaffle is for women. Making an appearance alongside Bluewaffle in Encyclopedia Dramaticas "Offended" article, special fried rice earned a top ranking Google spot, beating monoliths such as the BBCs cooking segment, ASDA and a multitude of high profile recipe sites. Special Fried Rice ranks among one of the most grotesque shock sites on the Internet.

2. Blue Waffle

IMAGE / SHOCK FACTOR 94.3% / www.bluewaffle.net

Bluewaffle originally did the rounds on Usenet under the name "BlueSky.jpg". In 2008 it took on its current form and garnered a place at www.bluewaffle.net. In early 2010 Bluewaffle went viral with the game "Google Bluewaffle and Click I'm Feeling Lucky" and quickly became one of the top shock sites of all time with up to 15 million hits a month and an Alexa ranking in the top 20,000 websites of the world. Bluewaffle has spawned numerous reaction videos and parodies on Youtube as well as heavily impacting social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

3. Lemonparty

IMAGE / SHOCK FACTOR 76.3% / www.lemonparty.org

Tame by some standards, Lemonparty still holds up as a high profile shock site. The term 'Lemon' is often used to describe an old male. So as you can imagine a Lemonparty is a party of old men. But that's where the fun stops. Rather than initiating a shock factor, Lemon partiers just feel a deepened sense of "wrongness". Of all the shock sites, Lemon party has had a wilful amount of media attention being featured on hit US shows such as 30 Rock and promoted by Superbad actor Jonah Hill in interviews.

4. Hai2u

IMAGE / SHOCK FACTOR 82.3% / www.hai2u.com

If you have something stuck in your throat then hai2u will surely help expunge that wretched demon from within. Like a Ginsters breakfast bar, you're not sure if it's awful or you quite like the look of it, yet you're still compelled to buy one. And god help you should you endure the torment of watching it during a session of self gratification, is it wrong? Is it sick? Ok there's a sexual act but is it good? There's only one way to find out.

5. Jarsquatter

VIDEO / SHOCK FACTOR 96.7% / www.jarsquatter.com

Will put your off strawberry jam for life. While not as well known as some of the other entries in our list, Jarsquatter remains right at the top as one of the most cringe worthy videos on the Internet. What starts off as simple sexual dismay soon turns to a compelling horror. A stark warning of what can go wrong during solo sexual acts yet a stern reminder to all that you should always be prepared to video such acts.

6. Goatse.cx

IMAGE / PWNED FACTOR 90.8% / www.goatse.fr (mirror)

Before being taken down in January 2004, Goatse.cx was the world’s most famous and long standing shock site - often used as part of an Internet initiation ceremony. Appearing on the web before the Internet even began; Goatse has spawned numerous parodies, dupes, dedications and spoofs - most notable appearing on the BBC News as a drawing of a potential London Olympics logo.

7. 2 Girls 1 Cup

VIDEO / PWNED FACTOR 92.2% / www.2girls1cup.com

Easily the biggest and, now, most famous of all shock sites. Going globally viral in October 2007, 2Girls1Cup has been parodied in all four corners of the world making appearances in film, television and print. During an interview with Esquire magazine, Hollywood actor George Clooney compared the video to a rodeo, saying the point of the video was to see "how long you can last". This instalment to the shock site list arguably brought about the 'reaction video' craze of 2008 onwards and its backing music is now instantly recognisable throughout the world.

8. Tubgirl

IMAGE / PWNED FACTOR 89.6% / www.tubgirl.ca

Considered the daughter to Goatse, Tubgirl is another long standing Internet shock site. The inclusion of the classic Japanese genitalia blurring does nothing to quell the horror of the image. Tubgirl made its way around the internet destroying the sight of thousands. A second image, TubGirl2, of the same set, is available but less widely known. As an interesting side note; the fountain of horror spewing from her rectum is infect orange juice.

9. Meatspin

VIDEO / PWNED FACTOR 54.1% / www.meatspin.com

You spin me right round baby right round - Repeatedly, is the theme of this website. Funny more than shocking, meatspin was one of the first video shock sites to appear, Meatspin easily lures its viewers into a hypnotic trance from which there is no escape. After so many spins you're tentatively informed that you are now gay. A few spins later you're reminded that you must be gay as you're still watching - yet nowhere will you find help in averting your gaze.

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